However, we should know that there are so many ways that 1bet111 indo video games affect us. They can have a positive impact as well as a negative impact.1bet11 indo The good ones include the ability to notice things because games make our memory sharper and it also makes sure that we notice the smallest of details because we would need that skill in games. In this guide, I will talk about some negative impacts of online gaming and gaming in general pangeran bola actually.

    Video games and a llsorts of online games have actually been a crowd favorite for the ones that have some leisure time and for many years they have actually shown almost no signs of slowing down one bit. With so many advancements in technology, video games have actually become more realistic and especially when those amazing and intense games are combined with VR (virtual reality) they are actually instruments of pure awe-inspiring delight. So many people are saying that VR is actually the future of gaming because of how immersive and amazing it has become. More and more people have started playing games on the internet, and this does indeed make it a significant statistic to keep an eye on.

  • One of the worst things that can happen is you getting a gaming addiction. Addiction is like a disease that you have to get under control no matter what. There have actually been many clinical tests that have shown that having an online addiction would mean that you are someone who in trouble just as much as an individual that is addicted to abusing alcohol and drugs. No, you did not read that wrong. The effects of addiction will indeed manifest because of a lack of focus on all kinds of other activities that you will have to get to in life. This will develop because the person would not concentrate on anything else other than the game. The game would be the only thing that they are thinking about. It is also very worth noting that treating this condition is indeed very challenging. Changing the exposure to online gaming can lead to some behavioral changes, the person needs to do it slowly.

gaming addiction

  • You may start having some issues with your vision. Playing too many games while looking at a screen can lead to some eyesight issues. Constant exposure to screens can indeed lead to a lot of eye strain, and there are chances you may have more issues as the condition worsens.
  • There is a chance that you may gain some weight and have some weight issues. That would be because all you would be doing is eating and playing games all day. You need to make sure that does not happen.
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