The trending world is pointing Dubai for its amalgamation of affluence and exoticism. Framing a lifestyle in Dubai is not away anymore ascribed by the Community living. Owning or renting a villa in Dubai is a new cool of the 21st century. Many home designers have come up with sun covered abodes to let elegance seeker experience amusement of desert living in style.

The tourists’ accommodation is one of the biggest markets in the field of Dubai real estate. They come up with fabulous stays and housing for the visitor. The homes are just marvelous and highly luxurious. Since Dubai is one of the popular tourist destinations, people all around the globe come and witness the glory of Dubai. The travellers come with their families and prefer to stay in a villa than the hotels. The community living is one of the delightful cultures of United Arab Emirates. Here are the best villa communities, tourist homes to live in Dubai.



The most considered 8th wonder of the world is as exciting as its depiction. The artificial archipelago is a merger of lavish houses and hotels. They exhibit the diversity of world fantasy in their constructions. It is one of the most famous parts of Dubai for the best living during your vacation.


The Emaar properties contrivance is the leading homes in the widespread desert. Its splendid layouts are the best example of the Mediterranean and Arabian fusion. These are the epic edifices that transform the beauty into architecture. It encompasses the fusion of Arabian culture with a modern touch.


Mirdif is a garland of Dubai which is most popular for its restful housings. Mirdif offers the lavish seekers with four variants of Mirdif experience: Ghoroob, Shuqoor, Mirdif Tulip, and Uptown Mirdif. This is the coolest and visitors favourite community living destination. They are famous for their hospitality and a wonderful environment.


The magnificent architecture of Village is unusual to offer of Arabian heritage surrounded by mosques and elegance of eternity. The sides contribute to the family living, schooling and amenity supplies. The community living is the glorified custom among the Arabians; they share generous harmony and brotherhood with the essence of peace and prosperity.



The conspiracy of modern living is beholden by the Springs with an epic touch of calmness and green landscape. The atmospheric adjoin serves you with overwhelming bliss of living. They are the traveller’s one of the desirable stay homes. They engulf the ultimate comfort of living. It also comprehends the praises of Dubai and its magnification.


Al Barsha is a top offering down lay living in Dubai. It presents a rising to lowering range of citadels for a calm lifestyle with elegant surroundings. The fabulous villas with a tremendous cover of luxurious rooms and homes are a perfect example of splendid accommodation. They depict the very tang of Arabian culture and traditions.


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